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What Happens To Websites When They Die?

This past year, I’ve been approached by 3 founders who have asked me to adopt their startups and push them forward.

The founders no longer have the energy or time to push to give their projects the love they deserve.

In all three situations, the founders accepted full-time jobs and lost momentum on their projects.

These projects were built out of passion and the founders want them to exist the world — that is why we build things in the first place.

The founders told me they just needed to find the right entrepreneur to push their projects forward, but they had no idea where to go.

This is exactly how projects die.

Projects die when they lose momentum. Life gets busy and we lose focus.

The amazing idea you came up with at 2:00am takes a backseat to deadlines at work and your life at home.

This is a struggle that every entrepreneur has faced — and something I’ve experienced my entire professional life.

Lost projects should be adopted.

We live in a Product Hunt world where makers create side projects at an insane pace and that is a beautiful thing.

This market for “startup adoptions” will grow as technology improves and the ability to launch a product becomes easier.

A large percentage of these projects are side projects and will eventually need a new entrepreneur to push them forward.

There are currently a few options for entrepreneurs when they want someone to adopt their project:

  1. Flippa allows founders to sell their online assets, but their site feels soulless and has no sense of curation.
  2. Exitround is another option, but the marketplace is anonymous for both sides (buyers can’t see the actual domains and sellers bid without revealing their identities).
  3. You can always open source your projects on Github or Assembly.

Introducing: Startup Adoption Agency

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We believe there should be a better solution for entrepreneurs to find a loving home for their projects and we built something to help this happen.

The loving home piece is critical.

Most assume that the founder wants a financial return, which is not the driver. True passion projects are started out of love and not financial gain.

Last week, Startup Adoption Agency was released and we posted our first four projects that are available for adoption.

On the site, founders can list startups or side projects that they want to put up for adoption — and list an adoption fee.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in the project can contact the founders and adopt the projects if there is a great match.

Our hope is that less projects will die and more projects will find a loving founder to keep them alive.

Because every lost startup deserves a home.


Have a startup or weekend project that you want to submit for adoption? Startup Adoption Agency is currently accepting our first batch of projects.

The project is also debuting on Product Hunt this morning. If you like the concept, we would appreciate an upvote! ☺

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Founder and investor @ChapterOne. Previously led revenue @Tinder ($MTCH). Became #1 top grossing app. Follow me @jmj.

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