Product Club: Announcing The Inaugural Class

Original article by Gaby Goldberg

At Chapter One, we started this accelerator with the goal of staying small and maniacally focused on product. We received over 500 incredible applications and narrowed it down to three, each with a game-changing product and vision.

Now, it’s time to get started — let’s meet the teams.


A 3D design tool for the web.


Spline is a 2D approach to 3D design, allowing you to create next-generation experiences in a web-based environment that works on any platform.


Spline, a 3D mix of Figma & Photoshop built on top of Three.js, is a platform shift for 3D design. Spline’s visual tools allow you to seamlessly create and edit 3D content, add interactions, and export production-ready web assets — no coding required.


Spline is led by the insanely creative powerhouse duo of Alejandro León (based out of Chile) and Yenny Fung (based out of Venezuela).


Join the waitlist of over 300 designers waiting to use the product. Spline goes live at the end of August.


1-on-1 online coaching from the best players in the world.


The business of video-game coaching is already a $1B market, and it’s only ramping up. Online marketplace Fiverr saw a 43% jump in the number of video-game coaching sessions booked between January and March, and streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch are also seeing an uptick in business. Sites like these, however, aren’t acutely focused on helping expert gamers & coaches do what they do best — this is where Metafy comes in.


On Metafy, users can book one-on-one time with experts in their game of choice. Users can connect directly with expert gamers to ask questions, play cooperatively, or get advice, while coaches get paid for their time so that they can support their passion.

Metafy takes care of scheduling and payments and protects the privacy of both the user and coach.


Metafy is led by Josh Fabian (CEO) and Thomas McNiven (CTO). Josh is based in Pittsburgh and was the former lead designer at Groupon. Thomas is based in Australia.


Metafy is still in beta — visit their site to apply for early access.


The Yellow Pages for WhatsApp.


WhatsApp as a business platform is growing — and growing fast. WhatsApp passed 2 billion users in February 2020, and over 95% of internet users (over 120M people) use WhatsApp in Brazil.

In countries like Brazil, India, Spain, and Italy, WhatsApp is the go-to communication platform, but there’s no streamlined way to find the WhatsApp contact information for businesses and professionals.


AgendaZap is building the dominant discovery & one-click communication platform for businesses on WhatsApp. On the app, users receive a list of businesses + professionals and can start a WhatsApp conversation in a single tap.


AgendaZap is co-founded by childhood friends Daniel Scocco and Fernando Buglia.

  • Daniel, a self-taught programmer, has 15 years of experience developing mobile and web apps. He is a serial founder and has won awards from companies like Ford and Mastercard.
  • Fernando is a physicist-turned-entrepreneur. He created one infoEnem, of the largest Brazilian portals about the Enem exam (the SAT of Brazil).


AgendaZap has been downloaded 500,000 times, has 4,000 paying subscribers and is growing an average of 9% each week. They’ve grossed $11k in revenues, growing 29% month-over-month. Stay tuned — AgendaZap is expanding internationally soon.

We’ll be posting public Product Club updates throughout the summer — stay in the loop by checking out the Product Club Notebook.

Time to get to work!

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