Chapter One — hiring our first intern

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Chapter One is hiring our first intern, based out of Los Angeles or anywhere in the world.

This is a unique opportunity, as you will be an investor and build product at the same time. If you can’t decide whether you want to become a VC or a product manager, I’ll help you figure it out.

The internship is paid (we all need to live) and you will be included in every aspect of building a new fund, while shipping product alongside me.

I am specifically looking for someone who is in college or a similar career stage, though that’s not required as smart people come from everywhere:

Working with LPs: fundraising, LP management, etc. I will give you full exposure to every part of working with LPs and include you in every meeting possible. If you one day want to work for any of my LPs, I will recommend you if you work hard and do a good job.

Finding Amazing Companies: sourcing (aka hunting), diligence calls, making hard decisions. You will be with me during the entire process and participate in investments from start to finish.

Supporting Companies: when we invest in a company, you will help support them with me. We are a product driven fund — so much of the help we offer is with hiring product managers, roadmap planning, and supporting early stage CEOs who have not hired their VP of Product yet.

Study Club: You will build product with me as we ship Study Club. You will help design the early product and work with engineers as we build the product together. There is potential to run this full-time as the CEO eventually.


Chapter One is an early stage fund that has many of Silicon Valley’s top funds and investors backing us. We would list off LP names but VC Brags is probably reading this as we speak.

Founder and investor @ChapterOne. Previously led revenue @Tinder ($MTCH). Became #1 top grossing app. Follow me @jmj.

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